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(Contains: strong language and ideologically sensitive material)
Some people had a certain favorite holiday they would celebrate and take seriously. From Halloween to Christmas, you name it. Others don't really mind it and just let it be. Oh, but not you. Of course not you. Because every year your close friend Naruto would celebrate his birthday on Halloween then his actually birthday, to throw a huge costume party. Which wasn't a bad idea. It was a actually a pretty smart idea in your eyes.

And since you took Halloween very very seriously, you were currently running around in your house trying to find your costume, but to no avail. “Fuck, fuck. Where did I put it? I know I left it in the closet!” Running to the hallway where the coat closet was, you rummaged through your stuff inch by inch trying to find your beloved costume that you paid a hefty price for.

“Come on. I know you're in here.” Throwing coat after coat in different directions and making so much commotion had woken someone in your household. “Ugghh!!! Come on man!” You sighed in defeat. “What the hell are you doing this early in the morning [Name]?” A gruff tone made you turn your head in the direction of the voice. With defeated eyes, you looked up at Hidan, sighing. “Hidan... It's six in the afternoon and I'm looking for my costume. I paid a shit load of money for that costume.” You started to rub your eyes, indicating you were going to cry.

“H-hey! Don't start crying on me!” He quickly walked over to your side, trying his hardest to comfort you. “We can just fucking buy another one.” Was his amazing reply. “Hidan I'm gonna give you three reasons why that's a horrible idea. 1.) It's already Halloween and I don't have time to go to each and every store to find that exact same costume. 2.) They probably don't have my size anymore. 3.) It's Naruto's birthday party and I am NOT going to miss it just because I didn't find my costume. I'll find something else.”

“So then...Why are you crying?” Hidan said in an irritated voice. You lunged at him, hugging the life out of him. “Oh your Jashin! It was beautiful okay?! It had nice red lace ruffles, the dress was so pretty~! Oh man Hidan, I loved it.” You dramatically cried in his arms. Hidan rolled his eyes. “I swear, I don't know how I fell for you.” He murmured under his breath.

“We were gonna be so cute together. Me with my red dress and you my maid. Damn it!” You wiped your non-visible tears away. Hidan did a double take. “Wait! ..What? Me? Your maid? [Name] I don't think I would ever be your fucking maid. Ever!” Hidan retorted. “Oh, come on Hidan. I think you would look fucking hot in that maid costume. Believe me man. Hot.” You did a sizzling noise, making him groan in frustration,

“I bet I can make you wear it.” You smirked in mischievousness. “Oh hell no! No no no! [Name] hell no! I am not wearing that stupid costume.” He crossed his arms in an 'x' formation, wanting nothing to do with the said costume. “Oh come on Hidan! I'll do anything for you. What if I cook you a nice dinner?” You tried convincing him.


“A nice massage?” You suggested not really thinking twice about it since you've done it before.

The temptation was too good, but not good enough. “Hell no.” Your eyes widen. Usually Hidan would jump to the gun about getting a massage from you. Oh, now you had to really think up a plan.
Scratching your head while tapping your right foot you thought up the many possibilities of what might make Hidan break. 'A day in without any interruptions? No, he can probably have that another day and he knows it. What is his one weakness? Come on [Name], you have to know this. We've been together for like- what? Four years now? I got to knows! ...Wait, I think I know what it is.'

Smirking deviously, you looked up at Hidan. He eyed you intently, waiting for one of your suggestions. “Whatever it is my answer is still no.” He crossed his arms. “Oh, really? How are you so sure you're gonna say no?” Oh, how you loved messing with him at times. “Because no means fucking n-”

“How about I wear that lingerie you bought me for my birthday and put on a show for you after this Halloween party. Sounds good, no?” You saw his eyes widen and the look he gave was that of a skeptical person. 'Take the bait, take it. Take it!' You internally screamed. “FUUUUUU!!! Fine! But I better see you wear it.” You jumped up in victory. “Yes!” You were about to walk off to the bedroom and get his costume when Hidan stopped you.“Hold up. If you don't have your costume anymore and you want me to be your damn maid, what are you gonna be?” He curiously asked. Turning your head, you gave him a deviant smile.“I shall be your vampire master~.”

Walking up the steps and into your bedroom that the both of you shared, you quickly went to your closet pushing aside clothes and shoes, trying to find the maid costume. “Found it~.” You gracefully pulled out the costume and showed it to him. His jaw hanged a little lose from the shock. “No, [Name]. Hell n-” “I'll pole dance for you.” “Deal.”

[----2 hours later----]

You knocked at the front door three times waiting patiently for someone to answer the door while fiddling with Naruto's present when Hidan started fidgeting in his costume. “This costume is too fucking short. How the hell can women even wear this shit?” Hidan pulls on the costume to make it more comfortable for him. “Just get use to it or else there won't be any 'show' for you.” Hidan mumbled a few curse words under his breath.

The door suddenly swung open revealing Naruto. “Heeeyy [Name]! You finally came! I thought you were never gonna show up... Wait what are you suppose to be?” Naruto squinted his eyes. “Well, I'm a Vampire and the master of this lovely 'lady', he was taking forever putting on the costume.” You pointed at Hidan, Naruto turns his head to the left and instantly starts laughing. “You little-” Hidan was about to charge at Naruto when you put your hand on his chest to stop him.

As Naruto finished his fit of laughter he motioned for the both of you to come inside. Almost forgetting that you had the present with you in the first place, you handed Naruto his gift. It was neatly wrapped with black and orange wrapping paper with a red ribbon adorning the box. He immediately opens the gift to find a green frog coin pure and 5 coupons to his favorite ramen shop. “I know that your last frog was ripped so I bought you this one annnd I had these coupons laying around. I hope you like it 'cause that's all I got.” Naruto's eye's beamed with excitement. “[Name] you have no idea how much I wanted these coupons. Thank you so much.” He leaned in for a quick hug, almost squeezing the life out of you.

“Y-you're welcome Naruto, but could you let go? I am in need of air man.”

“Oh, sorry. Anyways, drinks are in the kitchen if you need any. Go and help yourself.”

“Alright. Thanks. Let us go maid. I am in need of drink.” You pointed in a random direction. “Okay, but first can you stop talking like that. It's really fucking annoying.” “Never!” You laughed as you dragged Hidan to the kitchen.

Going through a herd of people and finally finding the kitchen you spotted Kakashi and Yamato idle talking to each other. “Hey guys. What's up?” You called out to them. They turn their heads expecting them to look at you only for them to look at Hidan. Of course, as any regular person, they started laughing. “Fuck you guy's. At least I'm getting laid.” Hidan pridefully responds. Both coughing to mask their laughter, you rolled your eyes. “So... let me guess. Yamato you're Frankenstein and Kakashi you're... a vagabond?” You questioned him. He sighs and says, “Why does everyone keep saying that? I'm a wizard. Look at my big hat and my wand.” Kakashi pulls out his wand from his sleeves to show you.  “Oh, well...For all I know you could have been something worse like a stalker.” Hidan and Yamato started laughing.

“Anyways where's Sakura and Sasuke? ”

“Oh they're in the living room with the others” You nodded. “Alright then. See you guys later. Let us go my maid, we must speak to these peasants.” “Yes ma'am.” Hidan strained the last word. In the distance laughter could be heard from the two.

As the two of your were nearing the living room, Hidan stopped. “Hey, I'm gonna go find somewhere to sit. I'm not really feeling the mood to party right now.” Not really thinking about his feelings, you complied. You watched him disappear among the crowd of people, you then remembered about Sakura and the others. Quickly going through the crowd you found them talking in the far corner.

“Hello peasants~.” Sakura immediately greeted you. “Hey [Name], what are you suppose to be?” She lightly laughed. “I am a vampire my fair lady.” You bowed. “And you're a witch, I assume, and Sasuke you're... Naruto what the hell is he? Frodo Swagins or something?” Naruto burst out laughing along with Sakura. “I'm an Elf you idiot.” He pointed at his ears and bow. “Ohh, makes sense. So you're like Legolas Sasuke.” He rolled his eyes. “It has a nice ring to it. Legolas Sasuke accompanying Frodo Swagins and the Fellowship of the Bling.” Everyone laughed. Well, more like Naruto was hysterically laughing while you and Sakura giggled.

“Alright, enough jokes. Happy Birthday Naruto. This party is by far the best. The lighting and the music is just awesome. By the way where did you even get a DJ? Don't they cost for like the hour or something?” You curiously asked. He sheepishly scratched his chin. “Well, I had to save my allowance AND work two jobs, but it was so worth it. Just look at my house, it's so beautiful.” He wiped a non-existing tear from his right eye. “It sure is.” You chuckled.

“Hey, where's Hidan by the way? Did he come with you at all?” Sakura inquired. “Yeah, but he just wanted to go and sit down. He's not in a party mood right now I guess.” That raised a few eyebrows among your friends. “Well, that's a surprise considering that guy is always loud and cursing his ass off, no offense [Name].” Sakura said. “Non-taken. I think I actually started taking his course of language. Seriously one day I was mad at myself for not taking the cookies out at a certain time and I ended up burning them all which caused me to curse up a storm like no tomorrow.” You sighed. “I gotta train him.” All of you chuckled at the idea.

“Guys be right back. The fun is about to begin.” Naruto then sprinted to the DJ who then changed the song to “Locked out of Heaven”. “Sasuke let's go dance!” Sakura pulled a reluctant Sasuke onto dance floor. “Hey guys I'm gonna go find Hidan!” “Okay!”

Pushing aside people and occasionally bumping into them, you found Hidan sitting alone on a couch. “Hey sexy~ wanna dance?” You wiggled your eyebrows up and down at him. He looked at you, not really believing you wanted to dance. He grinned, he got up from his spot almost revealing his entire rear in the process. You whistled. “Whoa. Nice view there babe.” His face turned red. “Shut up and let's go.” Leading him to the dance floor, both of you started swaying your hips to the beat of the song. Hidan snaked his right arm around waist bringing you closer to him, all the way still moving to the song. He grinned at you, he leaned in beside your face, brushing his lips lightly on your left ear. “I better fucking have that dance [Name].” You chuckled and replied. “Absolutely.”

The entire night was spent dancing or playing odd games that Naruto insisted everyone had to play. You couldn't believe how many people actually wanted to play those stupid games. But in the end it was a lot of fun. You had to admit that tonight was the best. Even if you had to bribe Hidan.

[----Extended Ending----]

Did you ever actually wear that lingerie? Or danced for Hidan after the Halloween party? Yes. Yes, you did. Three months had passed since the party. So when you surprised him one day with rose petals leading from the house door to the bedroom, he was, to say the least, shocked and amazed to see  saw you on the neatly done bed wearing nothing but your red lingerie he had bought you a while back. After the “present” you gave him, he basically became you're 'slave'. You saw it in his eyes, it was so worth it.
Hidan x Reader- Happy Halloween~
:iconwtfisthisplz: I don't know what i write anymore. I just....write and it sometimes doesn't come out good :iconcryingmingplz:

This story was suppose to be originally reader and Hidan go trick-or-treating but i had to change it for some unknown reason xD
The whole fic was unintentional. Though Hidan wearing a maid outfit was ewe

This fic is actually a gift for my lovely friend :iconsandroops: It was her birthday a while back and since she loves Hidan, HERE YOU GO MY DEAR~:heart:

Anyways, hope you guys like it. Please comment, gotta know...did i do good? Was Hidan too Uke? Was the reader just like you? xD

Happy Halloween everyone~ :iconpumpkin:


Story belongs to :iconnarusasu24: Me

Song "Locked Out Of Heaven" belongs to Bruno Mars

Hidan, Naruto, Sasuke, Sakura, Kakashi, and Yamato belong to Masashi Kishimoto

You belong to you your soul is secretly mine~
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 Ummm, whoa guys. I just saw my page views and what not and i just.....Whoa bro. Blown away.

Like, thank you so much, 31,782 page views. Cannot even right now. Like, i feel slightly famous and girly right now
that i can't help but sing a random song. Along with the page views i have like 472 deviants watching me?!? Whaaaaaa????
wow, people actually like me ;w;

You beautiful people you, i cannot :iconcryingmingplz: 

I'll probably submit some fanfics to show how my appreciation towards you lovely readers and awesome people~! ;w;

again.....thank you so much, gonna go write and cry of happiness now~:heart:


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