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Jasmin Trevilla
Artist | Student | Varied
United States
Hello! My name is Jasmin Trevilla, but people call me Naru or other weird names. I don't mind; just as long as it's not offending xD. I'm 18 years old and my Favorite color is Red. I currently reside in California where I recently found my passion to write. I've also been drawing for nearly 5 years now (still not good though x'D). I have many anime favorite's, but it's hard to name them all at the moment. If you would love to know more about me you can message me anytime~ c: Please don't be afraid to talk to me ^^~ <3

Facebook: Don't use it often.
Tumblr: NaruNaru24
Quotev: NaruNaru24

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  • Mood: Flirty
  • Listening to: Disclosure-Latch Feat.Sam Smith
  • Reading: post on tumblr
  • Watching: some horror movie
  • Eating: noodleess~~~~
  • Drinking: water
Tagged by the awesome-gorgeous-beautiful :iconshippudenbluekonan:

This is gonna be interesting xD

Legit first name: Jasmin. Not Jasmine. Not Jazmine or Jazmin. Just Jasmin xD

Middle name: I don't have any ;w;

Nickname: Jas, Jazzy, Naru, Camine (thanks to my dad and family ._.), and Amin (again, family. Mostly my uncle says it)

Location: A city that's close to LA~ Glendale, California~ :heart:

Age: 18 ommgg i'm legal, what what~

Height: Umm...I don't know. 5'3-5'5? I don't keep track of my height xD 

Zodiac sign: Aries~ :iconmingplz:

Any pets: Two dogs. Both are mixed with chihuahua, and surprisingly born on the same month  just 3 years apart xD
I use to have turtle, but i accidentally killed it ._. by accident i left him in the sun for too long and woops, he died

Favorite thing(s) about yourself: Hmm... I love how i can solve anyone else's problems except my own ;w;

Worst habit: I get distracted easily. Like, one minute i'm viewing a show and the next i'm on my phone on tumblr :I

Fun Fact: I've never ever kissed anyone or gone on a real date. Even though i've been in a relationship :iconcryingmingplz: though it didn't really feel like it ._.

~~~Identity, Sexuality, & Personality~~~

Gender identity: Female

Sexual Preference: Bisexual. 

Relationship status: Single and ready to mingle~. ewe :iconmingplz:
though i do have a 'fake' girlfriend~muahahah~~


"Early bird" or "Night owl": Hmm....i actually don't know. It varies i suppose. Mostly night owl, but right now i'm earlymother truckingbird :>

Bath or shower: Well, if i need to get cleaned. It's definitely a shower. But if i need to relax from crazy shit stress, then it's a bath. Which i rarely take cause i have no bubbles. love bubbles man...

First thought in the morning: Fuuuucckkkkkkkkk~!!!! or Food. I need food

Last thought before falling asleep at night: Well, i just start aimlessly fantasizing about characters in different scenarioswith me and i just go from there and dream crazy shit.

~~School Work~~

Do you work or are you a student: I am currently a high school student last year~ woop~ trying to find a job, but it's fucking hard at the moment.

What do you do well: Well....I draw/sketch, write, build stuff (mostly props for costumes), cook, and sew but i'm still trying to learn how to use my sewing machine xD

Where do you see yourself in 5 years: I'm hoping to see myself having a good job that supports my needs and such.

~~Habits (Do you...?)~~

Drink: Yes, i do. But it's only like....3-4 times a month? Which is not a lot. Only do it when i'm majorly stress or when it's a party or something.

Smoke: Nope. But i might do it one day, again, 'cause i stress a shit ton

Do drugs: Nah. That ain't me man. Too cool for that shit.

Exercise: Aha~ Nope. I mean if you count walking in the night cause you need air then.....yeah, i guess i do. xD

Have a go-to comfort food: It's either chocolate-like nutella shit omigawd i gotta go buy some now or rainbow ice cream~~

Have a nervous habit: I either bite my nails until i literally bleed or bite my skin off. And that's when i'm really anxious or nervous about something.

~~What is your favorite...?~~

Physical quality (in yourself): I suppose it's my eyes/eyebrows and my lips :>

In others: HO-boy. umm...I don't know. It comes down to their lips, eyes or their whole face.

Mental/emotional quality (in yourself): I guess i can feel peoples feelings easily with anyone even if they are a stranger. Like, if they cry, i wanna cry too. Don't know why though.

Food: Omg. It's anything from like chocolate and mexican food ;w;

Drink:Coke, water, chocolate milk and grape juice~!

Animal:Oh good god. I don't know. I have too many to decide man. 

Artist/Band/Group: Linkin Park, been listening to them since i was like....8-10? Somewhere there. ColdPlay, it's almost the same as Linkin Park. Hmm...Justin Timberlake -that romantic shit yo~-, Arctic Monkeys, and The Black Keys.

Author/Poet: Edgar Allan Poe :iconpapmingplz:

TV Show: Holy crapola. Ummm...This'll just be random, not in order
-Walking Dead
-Once Upon A Time
-Sons of Anarchy
-The Strain
that's about it from what i can remember ;w;

Actor/Actress: Oh baby jesus
-Liam Neeson
-Johnny Depp
-Melissa McCarthy
-Kristen Bell
-Dax Shepard
-Angelina Jolie
Just random again, but seriously though....they're amazing~

Holy fuck man, this took me forever to write. I got distracted with tumblr, music and this dumbass movie~ :iconcryingmingplz:~~~

I Tag 
:iconawesomeperson26: :iconmajoli11: And :iconsandroops:~~!!

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