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December 6, 2012
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Name] sat silently on her rooftop, stargazing like any other night. The cool crisp air on her skin making her shiver slightly. It was expected when one was only wearing a baggy t shirt and pajama pants, but the [h/c] girl didn't really mind it. Her attention was focused only on the stars and the moon. She always seemed a little attached to the moon, being the somewhat 'spiritual' girl she was. She always believed in things others found ridiculous or childish. She found them to be a more happy place.

A place where one could think and act as they please without any judging stares.

Where a person could be themselves without hesitation.

That's the kind of world [Name]'s dad had dreamt about.

That is, before he died.

Sure, it had been only a few years ago that –

"Hey, you know you're gonna catch a cold dressed like that." A voice warned. A very familiar voice.

"I'm use to it Jack. Nothing to worry about." [Name] said with a smile, eyes staying fixed on the twinkling stars.

Smiling softly, Jack sat next to his friend. His ice-blue eyes seemed to slowly drift from the stars, to the girl next to him. Her messy hair still looked soft and shiny, and the wind made her scent drift over to him. It was so-

"Uh. . . Jack?"


The young male had actually moved himself over and pressed his nose into [h/c] locks.

"Oh! S-Sorry. . ." Jack said, quickly moving over, feeling somewhat uncomfortable.

[Name] on the other hand thought nothing of it, and continued to watch the stars with childlike curiosity. Jack soon relaxed at the sight, finding it to be both cute and calming. He always felt calm when he was with [Name], though. Seeing her smile instantly made him happy, and even made his stomach feel fluttery. Blushing slightly, he turned his head upward and gazed at the stars. He found a lot of constellations and smiled softly at them. It was so peaceful being here. With [Name].

[Name] smiled happily, she pulled her knees to her chest and looked at her feet. She felt so happy for some reason. This kind of happiness only seemed to come out when she was with the one and only Jack Frost. She loved it. It was such a warm feeling, and it made her feel special. She assumed this was what friendship was, she was always such a lonely child and never really understood the concept of 'friendship'. Even now, as a teenager, she was mostly seen alone, but most just called her 'a lone wolf' and found her to be cool. It was strange, but that's just how she liked it. Strange was better then boring.

"Hey, [Name]. It's getting pretty late. . . And dark." Jack said, keeping his eyes on the sky. [Name] turned to look at him and blushed lightly at the sight. The light of the moon made his snow-white locks look silver and so soft. His eyes looked bright and shining, almost like they were wrinkling like stars. "You should go inside." Jack said, finally turning his head to lock eyes with his crush.

"O-Oh. . . Yeah." [Name] said, looking back to at her feet. Getting an idea, she turned back to her companion and smiled. "You should come in! I'm surprised I never offered before! Aha ha~"

A little shocked, Jack nodded his head numbly. He'd never been in [Name]'s room before. Having small guesses about it, but not giving it too much thought. He pondered it's appearance while [Name] opened up the window to the attic. She quickly slipped into the warm attic and motioned for Jack to follow. He did, and the two walked passed old boxes, and went down the small ladder to the second floor of the house. It was so quiet.

After sneaking passed a few bedrooms, they made it to [Name]'s bedroom door. It was a plain white with little notes, and pictures on it. Some were from why Jack assumed was [Name]'s family, and others were pictures of [Name] at various places, and with different people. The male noticed that she wasn't smiling so happily in the pictures like she was when he was around and it made his heart swell with pride.

Looking over the door again, the Guardian noticed a certain picture. It was of [Name] at the beach. She was with smiling softly, holding a pretty shell, but that wasn't what had caught Jack's attention. It was the fact she was wearing a bikini. One that showed off her nice curves, and long legs. It made his face turn red again, and his heart pound. She looked amazing.

"Hey Jack. C'mon already, man. Or are you just gonna stand there and stare at me in a bikini?" [Name] teased, making sure to keep her voice down.

Blushing more, Jack nodded a little and followed [Name] into her room. Jack couldn't help, but stare at her perfect curvy body from behind. He couldn't help himself at all. He was so tempted to go and touch every inch of her body. What the hell are you thinking Jack!? You're much older than her!... But... It wouldn't hurt to hug her right?

Jack was moving closer to [Name] when suddenly Jack heard [Name]'s mom. "[Name]? … Why are you up so late at night?"
Hello~ There! Well, finally I post the Jack Frost x Reader fic.... Took me a while because of some delays. Never the less I did submit it~ Yaay for Jasmin~ WHOOO~ Oh Don't thank me~ Thank Rayne :iconawesomeperson26: She and I are making this awesome story for you guys~ WHOO YAY For Rayne~!

Anyways, this will be a series. Originally it was supposed to be for :iconawesomeperson26: But she couldn't do a series so she gave the job to me xDDD.

I hope you guys enjoy~

Chapter 1: HERE~
Chapter 2:
Chapter 3:
Chapter 4:
Chapter 5:
Chapter 7:
Chapter 8:…
Chapter 9:…
Chapter 10:…
Chapter 11:…
Chapter 12:…
Chapter 13:…
Chapter 14:…
Chapter 15:…
Chapter 16:…
Chapter 17:…
Chapter 18:… ~~END

Jack Frost does not belong to me~

Story belongs to Me :iconnarusasu24:

You belong to you .....or this guy :iconrotgjackfrostplz:

Thank you so much to the lovely :iconsandroops: for drawing me the one and only Jack Frost~! Thank you again, mon cherie~! :heart:
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Your story is awesome! :D
NaruSasu24 Featured By Owner Oct 28, 2014  Student General Artist
Netherlands IS fucking hot~ =w= He's my tulip babe~

AHa~ thank you so much~ x3
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