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December 23, 2012
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[Name] stop midway from entering her room only to see Jack smiling at her. Raising an eyebrow at him and entering the room slowly, [Name] asked Jack "Why are you smiling like that?" Eyes going wide she said ". Did you touch any of my stuff while I was gone?" Jack put his hands up in defense. "No I didn't. I was just looking around." "Oh really? And how about that snow in the living room? And the icy floors?" Jack laughed. "Hey.... I was bored. What could I do?" Jack smirked. [Name] only smiled and shook her head . "Well, make sure to have the snow and icy floors gone before my mom gets here, okay?" "Heh... Will do." Jack smirked once again. Seeing the smirk [Name] blushed, turning the other way she went out the door. "Hey where are you going?" Jack said confused. "I'm going to get fresh air." She said quietly. "Didn't you just get fresh air?" Jack sounded concerned. "W-well, I need more!" [Name] said a little to loud for Jack's likeness.

Going downstairs carefully, [Name] made her way through the halls and out the back to door. Breathing the cold air [Name] had one thing on her mind. Why the hell did she blush? Running a hand through her hair [Name] sat down on the ground filled with cold snow. Closing her eyes she thought of the first thing that came into her mind. Jack Frost. His image made her blush again and her chest hurt. Opening her eyes she looked around to see if he was there. Sure enough he was. "[Name]... What's wrong? Are you sick?" Jack put a hand on her forehead. Blushing slightly and covering her face with her right hand she replied, "N-no I'm not. I'm just thinking too much."

Jack stared at her. "Well, don't think too much it. Unless it's about me." He smiled once again. Seeing that smile just made [Name] want to jump on him and kiss- "Who thinks about you? Not me that's for sure." Jack laughed. "I think about me. And about someone else too." This made [Name]'s ears perk up. "Oh? Who is this someone? Do I know this someone?" [Name] asked away, which made Jack smirk. She's jealous, Jack thought. He smirked.

"Maybe. Maybe not." Jack replied while walking away. "Whatever. It's not like I care." Walking over to the door that leads to the front yard, "I'm going to the store. I need to get something." [Name] said with some slight sadness in her tone. But of course jack didn't notice. "want me to come with you?" It's fine. I need some time for myself" "But -" "It's fine Jack!" [Name] yelled at Jack. Jack's eyes widen.

While [Name] was walking, she kept thinking about Jack and Tooth together. Her heart hurt just thinking about it. "But.... Why? I don't even like Jack." She stopped walking and thought out loud. "Maybe I could. . . But I could never be with him. Besides. Tooth and Jack look better together than I do with him. Well, I better hurry up or he'll start asking questions as always." She put on her headphones and started listening to ColdPlay.

All the while Jack was spying on her on top of a tree and heard every word she said.
Here's another Jack Frost chapter~ :iconmingplz:

This took longer than i thought it would ._. ... At least it felt that way to me. Anyways~ Yeah, you can see Reader-chan is denying her feelings for Jack and she thinks Tooth and Jack look better together~ ...Personally...I do think that :iconmingplz:~

BUT! Don't hate on Tooth. She's such a sweet character! I'm not gonna make Tooth fall in love with Jack...Crazy fangirls.

Anyways...As always~

I don't own Jack Frost~

Story Belongs to Me :iconnarusasu24:

You belong to Jack Frost :iconrotgjackfrostplz:~:heart:~!

Picture drawn by the lovely :iconsandroops:
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Lolgirl3011 Mar 8, 2014  New member
No! I wAnt  listend to imagine dragons!
blue730 Feb 27, 2014  New member
My god Jack you stalker...Oh well!
Jack Frost the stalker xP
LoveBuddy13 Nov 30, 2013  Hobbyist Writer
Jack you creeper!!!
crazy fangirl? in my mind, even pitch would have nigthmares, get it? look at my deviantart name...IM A PERVERT! ~nyaa! <3
FanGirl08 Aug 11, 2013  Hobbyist Writer
Jack.... Seriously, before leaving I would have tied a freaking cow bell around his neck.
NaruSasu24 Aug 12, 2013  Student General Artist
XD AHa~ Very creative. 
3motealgirl125 Aug 4, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
oh god the chest hurting made think of this guy I have a huge crush on he said he liked me bak and my chest keeps hurting ever since we hung out two days ago
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